As an activity group coordinator, you’ll plan, organise and schedule monthly activity groups in your local area. This is an administrative role that requires communicating and socialising with older people and volunteers from all walks of life. The activity group will be at the same community venue and will include older people, activity group leads, drivers, and the activity group coordinator. Activity groups normally last around two hours and will include an activity that gets people.

Tasks include:
Welcoming and supporting new volunteers into the activity group so they can start volunteering with confidence.

Welcoming new older people to the activity group and contacting them before their first activity group so that they feel welcome and comfortable.

Arranging the annual activity group schedule so activity group leads know when it’s their turn to lead the activity, and activity group drivers know which older people they’re collecting and dropping home again after the activity group.

Matching older people to volunteer drivers, so the same drivers collect and drop off the same older people each month.

Responding to any issues and queries from the volunteers and older people in the activity group.

Following the guidance in the online volunteer training so that the activity groups are safe, enjoyable, appropriate and in line with our charitable aims.

Keeping in regular contact with Re-engage and reporting any concerns to the team.

Promoting the activity group in your local area so we can recruit more volunteers and support more older people.

Keeping in regular contact with the activity group volunteers and older people and sharing any updates from Re-engage that are relevant to them.

Completing a short online report about the activity group four times a year.

Keeping your knowledge and training up to date by reading our monthly volunteer newsletter – Re-engage Matters.