Volunteer as a peer supporter and offer understanding and connection to other Autistic parents. Share your experiences and be a source of support.

Autistic Parents UK is seeking volunteer peer supporters to provide a listening space and emotional support to other Autistic parents through video chat or text.

What you'll contribute:
• Create a safe and non-judgmental space for fellow Autistic parents to connect.
• Share your own experiences and insights as an Autistic parent.
• Offer understanding and emotional support, fostering a sense of community.

What you'll receive:
• Comprehensive training on peer support and relevant topics.
• Ongoing professional development opportunities.
• The chance to connect with other Autistic parents and build meaningful relationships.
• Opportunities to apply for paid positions as funding becomes available.

We're seeking individuals who:
• Identify as Autistic and are parents themselves.
• Are committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment.

Join our team and make a difference in the lives of other Autistic parents by providing a space for understanding and connection. Together, we can build a stronger community where everyone feels heard and supported.

If this resonates with you, we encourage you to get in touch.

Contact [email protected] for more information.