We are looking for help to support and inspire older people to enjoy the benefits of being online in ways that best suit them. Work with older people to offer them personalised support to overcome the barriers they are facing to getting online and to improve their digital skills and confidence,  Ultimately improving their quality of life.

As an Age UK Digital Champion volunteer, you'll receive training to aid older individuals in improving their digital skills and confidence, conducting sessions in various settings.

Your role includes understanding their online barriers, setting goals, tracking progress, and providing feedback for program enhancement.

This is city-wide across Birmingham.

Specific tasks may include:

· Work with older people in 1:1 and/or group sessions to develop their digital skills and confidence online. 1:1 sessions may be regular and ongoing depending on the needs of the individual.

· Get to know the older people you support and understand the barriers they face to getting online, helping them to overcome them.

· Work with older people you support to understand their goals and set out appropriate plans together to reach them.

· Using resources provided by Age UK, support older people during their sessions to record and celebrate their progress and learning.

· Collect data and information from older people’s sessions and share with the Digital Champion Programme team as applicable, and securely.

Personal qualities and skills most suited to this role:

· Great listening skills and clear, personable communication, adaptable to various learner levels, and empathetic to individual needs and situations.

· Comfortable with various common devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops .

· Ideally, confident in different OS systems (android, iOS, Windows) although not essential to be familiar with all.

· Proficient in everyday online tasks such as messaging, emailing, browsing, video calling, shopping, and banking.

· Can ensure attention to detail when collecting and handling older people's information, with awareness of personal data handling.

Additional Information:

You will be required to engage with any necessary training provided by Age UK to ensure you feel equipped to support older people effectively in this project.

This role will also require an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, which we will organise for you.

Please APPLY HERE - https://forms.office.com/e/NHEVKWzFSe