BVSC Research is a directorate within BVSC core service provision. We offer:

Research & Consultancy

Conducting research to inform and support the voluntary and community sector and its public sector partners in response to identified needs; consultancy support in a range of areas including strategic planning and values-based approaches.


Providing evaluation of service and delivery models that support innovation and development across sectors and ensures that service provision is evidence-based.


Providing analysis and briefings to the third sector around policy developments in the City; increasing the sector’s capacity to inform and influence policy.


Sharing learning with the VCS, providing ‘space to think’ facilitating dialogue and debate; upskilling the sector to respond to complex issues; sharing resources, intelligence and information from partners to ensure these are circulated to as wide an audience as possible.

The work of BVSC Research is led and coordinated by our Director of Research, Sophie Wilson. Sophie has worked in the third sector for over twenty five years and has extensive experience in areas including volunteering, social action, criminal justice, homelessness, mental health and substance misuse.

BVSC Research is keen to work in partnership with others and will enlist the support of external partners, consultants and independent researchers as appropriate. If you are interested in becoming an associate of BVSC Research please contact Sophie directly.

Contact Sophie Wilson, Director of BVSC Research

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0121 678 8866