Revolving Doors Agency is a national charity that aims to change systems and improve services for people in the revolving door of personal crisis and crime. We bring independent research, policy expertise and lived experience together to support effective solutions to end the revolving door. We work alongside policymakers, commissioners, local decision-makers and frontline professionals to share evidence, demonstrate effective solutions and change policy. We embed the involvement of people with lived experience in our work, including through peer research, interviews, lived experience teams and forums based in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

We are currently conducting a multi-year process and impact evaluation of Birmingham Changing Futures Together. Working with peer researchers, we have explored different aspects of the programme including:


We also regularly release reports and blogs about our learning. For example, we recently published a blog that highlighted the recent learning from our evaluations and published the New Generation Evidence Briefing, which brings together the latest evidence on young adults in the revolving door of crime and personal crisis and makes the case for targeting resources to them.