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BrumEnergy is a team of dedicated local organisations that is committed to delivering independent, high-quality home energy advice to Birmingham residents, FREE of charge. 

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Help with energy bills

Birmingham City Council: getting help with your energy bills    
Provides information to Birmingham residents on getting help with their energy bills. 

Gov.UK: Help with your energy bills   
You can get help with your energy bills 

Severn Trent Water: Help with your Water Bill    
Severn Trent Water help with paying your water bill

Citizens Advice: Your Energy Supply    
Energy Supply information for residents

MoneySavingExpert: Energy Help    
MoneySavingExpert's tips to counter the cost of soaring gas and electricity bills

Go.Compare: Energy Calculator
Find out how much it costs to run common household appliances and compare them against each other. 

Gov.UK: Winter Fuel Payment    
Winter Fuel Payments are available in the winter months for Pensioners to help pay heating bills. 

Gov.UK: Cold Weather Payment    
Cold Weather Payments are available for those on certain benefits and the temperature is 0 degrees or below for more than 7 days.

Birmingham City Council: Crisis Grant (Local Welfare Provision)    
Birmingham City Council provide a crisis grant to help with topping up your gas and electricity pre-payment meter. To get one you must show you have already asked your energy supplier for help.

BVSC/Birmingham City Council/DWP: Household Support Fund - Hardship Grant Community Fund    
The Household Support Fund, provided by the Government's Department for Work and Pensions, is a fixed amount of money available to Local Authorities nationally to be used to support those households most in need with essentials such as energy. BVSC are distributing grants to Birmingham households, currently facing financial hardship to help with energy and other payments. 

Help from your energy company

National Grid Electricity Distribution (West Midlands)    
Electricity distribution. Provides wide ranging energy information.

Cadent Gas: Supporting our customers    
UK's largest Gas Distribution Network. Provides wide ranging energy information.

British Gas: Energy Trust    
British Gas: Energy Trust provide help with money and fuel bills. They may be able to help whatever your energy supplier.

e.on Next    
The e.on Next Energy Fund support customers (including Sainsbury Energy) with paying fuel bills and with replacing appliances.

Octopus Energy    
Octopus Energy provides details of how they and others can help with energy bills. 

Ovo Energy
Ovo Energy give details of ways to get financial support 

Scottish Power    
Scottish Power provide wide ranging information on support 

Save energy at home

ecobirmingham Cost of Living blog    
Contains energy advice

Gov.UK: Help for Households: How to save energy and lower your bills this winter    
Find out what actions you can take to get ready for winter and save money on your energy bills.

Energy Saving Trust    
The Energy Saving Trust empowers millions of households to make better energy choices.

SmartEnergyGB: Smart Meters    
With a smart meter you can better manage your energy use and save energy at home 

Nesta: Money Saving Boiler Challenge    
How to save cash with a single change to your boiler settings

How to save money if you have an immersion heater    
BrumEnergy youtube channel 
Miripuri audio, english subtitles 

Saving money on fuel bills in the kitchen - top 5 tips    
BrumEnergy youtube channel 
Miripuri audio, english subtitles 

Cooking appliance factsheet    
Comparison of airfryer/slow cooker/microwave. Which household appliances are the most expensive to run?    
BrumEnergy youtube channel
Miripuri audio, english subtitles

Cooking appliance video 
Comparison of airfryer/slow cooker/microwave
Download a factsheet

Severn Trent Water: Get Water Fit    
Severn Trent Water help with saving water in your home. Using hot water wisely can also help you save energy  

Improve your home to save energy

Gov.UK: Energy Efficient Home Campaign    
Government Energy Efficient Home Campaign. Information & Advice on Home Energy Efficiency

Gov:UK: Help to Heat Grants    
Find out if your property is eligible for Help to Heat funding 

Gov.UK -  Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS)    
Apply for support from the Great British Insulation Scheme 

Gov.UK: The Energy Company Obligation (ECO)    
Get help from your energy supplier through ECO (the Energy Company Obligation)

Birmingham City Council / e.on ECO Project    
Birmingham City Council are working with e.on to offer free home energy efficiency improvements.

WMCA/ Birmingham City Council: Home Upgrade Grant Phase 2 (HUG2)    
WMCA, Birmingham City Council and Act on Energy support Home Upgrade Grant Phase 2 (HUG2). HUG2 aims to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of lower income homes that are not heated by mains gas central heating. HUG2 offers free home energy efficiency improvements to qualifying residents.

Trustmark: Find a trusted installer    
Find Trustmark government approved tradespeople near you to install home energy measures

Need extra help?

Ofgem: Get help from your supplier- Priority Services Register    
The Priority Services Register is a free support service that makes sure extra help is available to people in vulnerable situations. Register for extra support with energy companies. 

Severn Trent Water: Help through Priority Services    
The Priority Services Register is a free service that makes sure extra help is available to people in vulnerable situations. Register for extra support with Severn Trent Water. 

Birmingham City Council: Cost of Living Support    
Birmingham City Council Cost of Living Support 

Birmingham Warm Welcome Spaces    
Warm Welcome spaces in Birmingham

BVSC: Directories: Find organisations and services in Birmingham 
Find organisations and services in Birmingham by searching the City's various directories. Useful if you also need further information, advice or guidance on a wider issue or service (e.g. money or health advice) or to reach a particular community group (e.g. faith communities)

Live outside of Birmingham City but in the wider West Midlands?    
If you live outside of Birmingham City but live in the wider West Midlands area, you may wish to contact Warmer Homes West Midlands for further energy advice and support.