Welcome to BrumEnergy

BrumEnergy is a team of dedicated local organisations that is committed to delivering independent, high-quality home energy advice to Birmingham residents, FREE of charge.  

What is BrumEnergy? 

BrumEnergy is a team of dedicated local organisations that is committed to delivering independent, high-quality home energy advice to Birmingham residents, FREE of charge.  

What we want to achieve

Our project mission is to support the people of Birmingham to: 

  • Be warmer and more comfortable at home 
  • Save money on energy bills 
  • Improve their health and well-being 
  • Reduce carbon emissions 

What we are offering?

  • FREE home energy advice: this advice can range from a short conversation to a home visit from one of our trained energy advisors who can advise you on how to make changes to how you use energy day to day, and to your home. 
  • Events run by our organisations such as drop-in sessions or energy cafes 
  • FREE warm home packs: containing items to keep you warm and save energy in your home 
  • FREE Information, Advice and Guidance: signposting you to other organisations which can also provide wider support  

Who we can help

BrumEnergy is an inclusive project that is open to Birmingham residents that meet our specified criteria below ensuring accessibility and support to those who need it most in our communities.  

  • Residents in ‘hard to treat’ homes - If your home faces challenges like single walls rather than cavity walls or structural issues that make it hard to keep your home warm, we can provide tailored support  
  • Diverse communities - Our services are inclusive aiming to provide support to older individuals, those from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities, diverse faith communities and individuals without English as their first language 
  • Facing challenges? - If you’re dealing with long-term health issues, disabilities or managing a tight budget, BrumEnergy is dedicated to offering support.  

How to access our services

If you are interested in accessing support through BrumEnergy please send an email to: [email protected] to start a conversation to see what we can do to help you  

Alternatively, you can visit the who we are page to see which of our organisations are offering support in your area and contact them directly.  

How is BrumEnergy possible? 

BrumEnergy's success results from securing over £800,000 in funding through the Government's transformative Local Energy Advice Demonstrator (LEAD) Programme, supported by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) in partnership with the Midlands Net Zero Hub (MNZH).  

BrumEnergy is run by a consortium of local Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise sector organisations: BVSC (Birmingham Voluntary Service Council); Acocks Greener CIC; Birmingham Council of Faiths: Footsteps – Faiths for a Low Carbon Future; Community Energy Birmingham; ecobirmingham; MECC Trust; The Good Work Coop – Birmingham Green Doors and Witton Lodge Community Association, and is one of nine LEAD projects in the Midlands and 36 projects nationwide. 

Amanda Solloway, Minister for Energy Consumers and Affordability, said: “We want everyone to be able to get expert advice on how to make their homes more energy efficient, no matter where they live, so they can save money. These innovative projects will bring that expertise right to people’s doorsteps, quite literally in some cases, ensuring people are given the best advice on how to save money on their bills and heat their homes for less without needing to search for it. This is alongside our investment of billions of pounds to improve energy efficiency across the country – reducing bills at the same time as making sure Britain’s homes are fit for the future.” 

Brian Carr, Chief Executive at BVSC said: "We are delighted to be working with our community and faith sector partners on this exciting and important initiative. The LEAD consortium will be addressing two of the key issues of our time - namely, the rising cost of living, and the accelerating climate crisis. Through training local energy advisors to work with local residents, this will be a truly community-level effort to empower people to keep warm, save money, and reduce environmental impacts. We are grateful to the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero for the opportunity." 

Michael Gallagher, Head of Midlands Net Zero Hub, said: “It is fantastic that we’re able to support nine projects to deliver in-person energy advice to those in need. Digital exclusion is a real risk as the internet has become commonplace for many, but we need to make sure that people are not left behind. Tackling fuel poverty through domestic retrofit schemes such as Sustainable Warmth Competition has been a key priority for the Hub for many years, so I’m looking forward to seeing these projects develop over the coming months.”