Name: Rachel Dutta Choudhury

Organisation:  YMCA Sutton Coldfield

Tell us about your organisation

We support people in transition to develop coping mechanisms and move forward with their lives. Our services include; accommodation, youth clubs, support for young carers and young adult carers and support for people with disabilities. We take the time to build trusted adult relationships with the young people we support. Engagement with our services is a choice and we ensure young people understand that and see that distinction from other areas of their life where they may feel they do not get to make choices. We listen to what people accessing services want to do and want to achieve and this helps us to design projects. Bespoke projects include; the youth led WhyTeens podcast, sports, and a drama group for people with disabilities.

What were your reasons for taking part in the Accelerator Programme?

I decided to take part in the Accelerator Programme to support the development of our evolving Fundraising Strategy and support us to further diversify income streams and create stability within the charity. I’m hoping to gain some useful partnerships and develop ideas for joint working with other charities and CICs locally.

What has been a positive takeaway of the accelerator so far?

Being able to talk through current applications and opportunities with Tony has been really useful. 

What message do you have for readers of the BVSC e-bulletin?

We’re keen to work together with others who want to support people to look forward and have the opportunities they never thought possible. If you’d like us to come and present about the work we do at your group or event please contact me on the email address below. To discuss potential partnerships please contact me.

Get in touch with Rachel

[email protected] or [email protected] | 0121 354 5614


Connect with us on our socials and listen to the WhyTeens podcast here: 

The Accelerator is a programme of support for people working in organisations in the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise Sector, looking to develop their Business Development approaches and generate income from competitive bidding processes for both contracts and grants. The Programme is run by BVSC in partnership with Tony Carr of 4FrontPartners.