Name:  Julie Lewis

Organisation:  Sutton Coldfield United Reformed Church (SCURC)

Tell us about your organisation

Sutton Coldfield Unitited Reformed Church provides an accessible venue for citizens to find relevant activities and services that support them in recognising and developing their own skills and resources leading to choices and opportunities which improve health and wellbeing. We work with service users to ensure that what we are providing is relevant and needed and with partners to provide the services and activities that citizens want and need.

What were your reasons for taking part in the Accelerator Programme?

To help to ensure the financial sustainability of our organization and the longevity of the services and activities that we provide to citizens by improving skills in funding applications and business development activities.

What has been a positive takeaway of the accelerator so far?

The session with Apteligen on data and narratives – prompting me to think about the perspective I am seeking to shift in my communications with others, particularly grant makers.

What message do you have for readers of the BVSC e-bulletin?

We are based right in the centre of Sutton Coldfield and have lots of good sized rooms and a lovely community café. We are always looking for new groups and organisations to work with. Please get in touch to discuss your idea or need.

Get in touch with Julie

[email protected] | 07713970096

The Accelerator is a programme of support for people working in organisations in the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise Sector, looking to develop their Business Development approaches and generate income from competitive bidding processes for both contracts and grants. The Programme is run by BVSC in partnership with Tony Carr of 4FrontPartners.