Name: Claire Bullard

Organisation: Better Pathways

Tell us about your organisation

Better Pathways is dedicated to empowering individuals with mental health challenges, learning difficulties, and learning disabilities to achieve their full potential. Our individualised support and employability Programme helps our participants develop the skills and confidence they need to build their employment journey. We uniquely offer a range of vocational activities through our social enterprises that not only help our participants to develop valuable skills, but also foster socialisation and community engagement. Our goal is to increase their independence and help them move into employment, volunteering, training, or education with confidence.

Better Pathways is uniquely positioned to provide businesses with affordable and high-quality services while also supporting vulnerable individuals with mental health challenges, learning difficulties, and learning disabilities. Our three social enterprises offer a range of services that help our clients gain valuable skills and knowledge, overcome barriers, and achieve their vocational goals. By partnering with us, businesses not only receive affordable services that are often below market rate, but also benefit from relief of internal resources, allowing staff to focus on more skilled work. Our seamless collaboration with our social enterprises also helps businesses achieve their CSR goals without any additional cost by adding social value into their supply chain. By choosing us as their partner, businesses can receive a remarkable service while supporting local people in need."

What has been a positive takeaway of the Accelerator Programme so far?

The group of accelerators I am doing the sessions with are amazing, and we all connected, easily, and our values and objectives align meaning there are great opportunities to develop collaborative /partnership working. We have also supported each other throughout. 

The sessions are very informative and have real resources and advice and support available. I feel more confident in my approach and have been able to utilise the tools provided effectively.

What message would you like to send to BVSC's e-bulletin readers?

We would like to encourage people to work with us, whether that is as a commercial organisation outsourcing work to our social enterprises, in Sgnage, Packing and Assembly, or Wood Craft, which would allow us to train more people with poor mental health and disabilities within these industries or by referring participants into our projects.  

We also welcome opportunities for partnership working. We would love to invite anyone interested in the above along for a site tour to see our social enterprises in action. Please do reach out to us to discuss ways in which we can support each other and our mutual projects. 

Get in touch with Claire or her colleague Naseem:

Claire Bullard - [email protected]  | 07872 945313
Naseem Taswar - [email protected]  | 07458 057 637

The Accelerator is a programme of support for people working in organisations in the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise Sector, looking to develop their Business Development approaches and generate income from competitive bidding processes for both contracts and grants. The Programme is run by BVSC in partnership with Tony Carr of 4FrontPartners.