We invite you to participate in a brief survey for the study “Is Google Translate Enough? Fostering an effective use of machine translation at public organisations” conducted by researchers from the University of Warwick and funded by the British Academy. 


Organisations like yours cater for multilingual communities in the area and we are interested in learning how automatic translators, such as Google, and AI are being used. Our study explores how third-sector, charities and public organisations in West Midlands use machine translation tools to tackle their language needs and provide services to their multilingual communities.


We are reaching out to help us fill in a questionnaire aimed at employees and volunteers at any level from local authorities, NGOs and, charities from West Midlands (UK) who: 


  • Engage with local communities (for instance, create the text for the organisations’ materials like websites, assist in translation or interpreting services and/or    
  • Regularly engage/support and make decisions regarding communication with local multilingual communities

Click to take the Survey

If you fit this profile, please consider participating in this online questionnaire (approximately 15 minutes), where we will ask a series of questions about communicating with multilingual communities in the West Midlands. Your insights are valuable to help us understand the landscape of how automated translation tools are used by and in organisations in the West Midlands. 


If you think you are not the right person, we would really appreciate it if you could further circulate this email among your friends and colleagues who are engaged with public organisations and may be interested in participating in the study. The study findings will help inform policy and training around technology usage in the public and third-sector organisations that cater to West Midlands.   


The project is coordinated by Dr David Orrego-Carmona ([email protected]), with the support of Dr Priyanki Ghosh ([email protected]) and Dr Susana Valdez from the University of Warwick and funded by the British Academy. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the project or your participation in the survey.