BVSC Research is currently hosting a national network of colleagues from VCFSE infrastructure support organisations. We wanted to bring together colleagues who were working across the UK, providing support to the sector, who have a specific interest in research, evaluation and policy development which is focussed on, about or for the sector. Our aim is to:

  • Share information and learning relevant to VCFSE researchers’ professional practice
  • Share information about the role of the VCFSE across city regions and their relationship with local universities
  • Stay abreast of ongoing research and information, policy developments, projects and findings produced by and/or about the VCFSE across the core cities and develop areas of joint interest/areas of potential collaboration
  • Learn about the different perspectives of colleagues from other core cities
  • Explore potential for joint bids where it would make sense to aggregate local research nationally
  • Receive peer review and support

If you are working for a VCFSE infrastructure support organisation anywhere in the UK and would like to join us, please contact Susannah Wilson at [email protected]