The Nishkam Civic Association presents the level 7 Executive Senior Leadership Apprenticeship Programme. Supporting Third sector organisations to navigate the numerous challenges and instability, best positioning organisations to take opportunities and develop a flexible and agile approach by strengthening senior leadership. The programme valued at £14k is funded from 95% only requiring a £700 contribution and for some zero contribution.

The Executive Senior Leadership Level 7 Programme (ESLP), embedded with the values and ethics that naturally underpin Third sector organisations and designed to address the real world challenges faced within your organisations bringing value and benefit to the apprentice and the organisation.

We all experience the common challenges around sustainability, Income diversification, staff recruitment, retention and the need to create agile organisations that can evidence impact and outcomes whilst maintaining the very human story.

We believe this can only be achieved by strengthening leadership, whilst ensuring no mission drift and maintaining positive workplace values and culture. The ESLP can support your organisation to develop and retain your best talent, create a dynamic, agile and sustainable organisation.

We know that funding is a particular challenge and this leads us to consider the cost effective and flexible nature of this programme, the value of the programme is £14k however employers will only be required to contribute a maximum of 5% £700, this can reduce to £0 if your organisation is an apprenticeship levy payer.

We would love to support your organisation on the leadership journey, for further information:

Programme Brochure-

Please accept this a personal invitation to join us at the below launch/information events.

The launch events will focus on introducing the programme, the importance of a values-led approach to leadership, exploring apprenticeships as a cost-effective training solution and sharing how organisations can future-proof their leadership through the programme.

For your convenience we have two options as follows:

Option 1
Wednesday 10th July 3.00 pm – 4.30 pm

Option 2
Tuesday 16th July 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm  

The event will be held at Nishkam Civic Association, Nishkam Centre, 6 Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, B21 9BH. 

To register for the event-