Could you volunteer and help raise one of our Guide Dog puppies? 

In this role, you will be providing a puppy with a vital foundation for its future role as a guide dog. This is a full-time volunteering opportunity as a puppy will live with you in your home for around 12-16 months.

You will be supporting one of our Guide Dog puppies life by:

- Helping guide them through new experiences, socialisation, and basic training
- Providing a loving temporary home
- The cost of all the food, veterinary care and equipment required for each puppy is covered.

You will need to:
- Have the time to invest in raising a puppy
- Be a minimum age of 18
- To own or have access to a car
- Have access to a secure area where the puppy could go to the toilet during the day
- Have your own home or have written permission to have a dog in the home

If you are interested please visit: or email [email protected]