Funded Opportunity for staff members from Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) organisations to Participate in the Development of Population Health Management for Birmingham and Solihull.


All areas in England are now covered by Integrated Care Systems, bringing together local NHS services, local councils, and voluntary organisations to meet the health and care needs of their communities. 

Fundamental ICS purposes are to: 
  • Improve outcomes in population health and healthcare
  • Tackle inequalities in outcomes, experience, and access
  • Enhance productivity and value for money
  • Help support broader social and economic development.
Population Health management is critical to the success of every ICS. If you would like more information about Population Health Management please click on the following link to watch a short explanatory animation 

Working together will present an opportunity to combine the information and intelligence within all organisations to better understand the needs of our communities. 

We need to make sure that the approach taken around Population Health Management supports effective activity and planning within the VCSFE. 

What is the Opportunity and what is the Timescale?

We are bringing together both staff members and volunteers involved in governance to help shape this agenda through a task and finish group. We need data literate participants who understand how information around the challenges and opportunities in relation to communities could best be articulated, but also people who can communicate what would be useful to their organisation. Most importantly we want broad ranging representation from different communities and different parts of the sector. If you are reading this and thinking “I’m not a data person, but I’m interested in this” you may be exactly what we are looking for!

The activity will be take place across the autumn of 2022 and the spring of 2023, with the final product being a documented “ask and offer” from the VCSFE around Population Health Management. The time requirement will be an equivalent of five days, which will be organised around participant availability. Reimbursement back to organisations for staff will be £200 per day and expenses for volunteers will be met. There will be 10 places available, and participants must be linked to VCFSE activity that takes place within Birmingham and Solihull. Meetings will largely be digital but may require you to all meet in person if the group feels that would best advance the activity.

How do I apply to take part?

Please send a short email to [email protected] by 5pm Friday 4th of November if you wish to be considered. This email should clearly be labelled Population Health Management Task and Finish Group and should contain the following information.

  • Your name and position within your organisation
  • The name of your organisation, it’s focus and geographical area of operation
  • The contribution you feel you could make and why you are interested.
There will be a short digital interview prior to participation. We will also need you to complete a formal agreement and provide some demographic information about yourself and where your organisations impact is experienced.
We will notify you by email within 7 days if you are successful.