Increase support opportunities

Are you looking to grow support from the business community or donors?

Attracting support starts with a conversation. Our workshops help you get conversations started with businesses and the community, that in time can lead to a strong relationship. We explore the use of an open and honest conversational style that builds trust and helps to find common ground. We look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Nurture and maintain relationships

Relationship management is more than the number of connections you have; it's about nurturing and maintaining those relationships.

We will cover how to revisit relationships that have stalled or progressing transactional partnerships to more relational.

How will you benefit?

  • Find ways to reach new audiences and build a strong brand
  • Identify potential support opportunities and make the initial approach
  • Save energy and resources and move away from ‘cold’ marketing
  • Invest the right time into relationships that become rewarding
  • Raise your profile, get noticed and attract support
  • Build a contact strategy and plan meaningful ways to keep connected

Join a workshop

The FREE Building Valuable Relationships Programme comprises five, half day training workshops designed to help you develop rewarding relationships. The programme is essential for those seeking to attract corporate partners and grow donor support.

Workshops that take you through the key stages of developing rewarding relationships. Essential for those seeking to attract Corporate Partners and grow Donor support. Identify useful relationships that encourage volunteers or trustees to lend their support.

Programme modules

Module 1 – Building relationships with partners and donors
Taking you through each stage of developing mutually beneficial relationships with businesses and donors - Exploring, matching, and partnering

Module 2 – Networking with purpose
Networking isn't just about attending events, it's what you do when you are there that counts. Defining your purpose, planning your approach and activities to deliver the results you need

Module 3 – LinkedIn – Connect and Engage
Using the power of LinkedIn to find key people for your network. Engaging in a way that raises your profile and builds brand awareness

Module 4 - Connect, Engage & Grow (Relationships)
Building the skills and confidence to make new connections and develop existing relationships. Understanding why relationships prosper when you know, like and trust one another

Module 5 - Keeping Relationships on track
Relationships are not static; they are influenced by what we say and do. Having better conversations and plan activities which generate action will add value and help put relationships back on track

Download full details of this programme (opens as pdf)

Session dates:

All modules are a half day, 9.30 am to 1.00 pm

Module One: Building relationships with partners and donors - 15 March
Module Two: Networking with purpose - 29 March
Module Three: LinkedIn – Connect and Engage - 12 April
Module Four: Connect, Engage & Grow (Relationships) - 26 April
Module Five: Keeping Relationships on track - 10 May

Book a place

The programme is a partnership between BVSC Engage for Good Training and Castrama Consulting.

About the Trainer

The trainer for this programme is Catherine Sharrocks of Castrama Consulting.  Catherine is a Charity and business consultant with over 30-years experience in Relationship Management, People Development, Leadership and Business Development.