Multiply is a government-funded programme aimed at helping adults to improve their numeracy skills. 

Now you can get involved – here’s how 

Are you a voluntary or community sector organisation or an Employer Intermediary who works directly with the local business community? Grants upwards of £15,000 will be available for you to help us reach employed adults and improve their numeracy skills. 

With your contributions, we can work together to develop a stronger, more resilient community in the West Midlands.

How can you help us? 

  • Act as an advocate for the Multiply programme, employing a ‘Numeracy Champion’ to engage with employed residents accessing their services to promote the benefit of enhanced numeracy skills and qualifications.
  • Support employers to engage with their staff & develop numeracy skills
  • Help us to identify residents who will benefit from numeracy support
  • Design your own programme to engage your audiences with Multiply

What are the benefits?  

  • Support employed residents to increase their numeracy skills and progress
  • Extend your network of employers
  • Support underrepresented businesses and sectors to access workforce development opportunities

Applications now open 

Small Grants VCS

We are seeking to work with Voluntary Sector Organisations who are uniquely placed to support the identification of employed residents on low pay or in insecure employment who would benefit from numeracy support. 

Small Grants Employer Intermediaries

We are seeking to work with Employer Intermediaries who have strong relationships with employers, in particular SMEs to support and enable businesses to engage with skills provision. The intention is that this would support their employees to develop numeracy skills and to support employee sustainment and in work progression.

Top tip: read the document at the bottom of this page before submitting your application!  

How to apply

Applications for this round of Small Grants close on 10 January 2024.

There are two opportunities in this round, please ensure you apply for the grant that best fits your organisation and project.

Apply now

Help and support 

Watch our webinar from 8 August for help. 

To contact us please email [email protected]