Covid19 Hardship Fund for young people aged 16-25 extended with support from Birmingham City Council and Birmingham Children’s Partnership

Earlier this month, the Matt Kendall Foundation launched the Covid19 Hardship fund to support young people aged 16-25 in Birmingham directly affected by the situation; getting them the financial support they urgently need. We have received over 30 applications over the past two weeks and have allocated over five thousand pounds of grants to young people.

We have now been asked by Birmingham City Council and Birmingham Children’s Partnership to support the distribution of their ‘Resilience Funding’, ensuring that financial support reaches those young people in most need.

If you are working with a young person who is facing financial hardship as a result of Covid19, you can apply on their behalf for a grant of up to £150.00. The application process is quick and easy and can be done either via our website or by following the guidance on the Birmingham City Council website.

Please see below for further guidance on the application process.

The Matt Kendall Foundation are providing emergency support to those young people affected by this global crisis. This could be for many reasons, including;

  • their hours have been cut
  • they’ve been laid-off or contracts suspended/terminated
  • their training courses have been cancelled or suspended
  • their benefits haven’t come through yet or they are awaiting universal credit or other support measures
  • they might have no family of friends to turn to for support
  • We consider all circumstances that relate directly to the impact of coronavirus and are affecting young people in our core age demographic of 16-25 and resident in Birmingham.

Emergency hardship grants may be for any of the following;

  • Rent
  • Living costs such as heating, lighting, water etc
  • Food and other everyday consumables and necessities
  • Phone credit to keep you connected

Our trustees and volunteers are committed to turning around application as quickly as possible and on average are able to do this and make payment with 3-5 days of receipt

You can apply on behalf of the young person, making clear:

A. How they have been affected directly by the Corona Virus

B. What they need financial support for and how this grant will be spent

C. Any other information pertinent to the application, i.e. demonstrating the need and why this support is not available from elsewhere.

Crisis Grants are for up to £150 and either paid directly to the applicant or via their supporter organisation/sponsor.

Who can be a sponsor?

Support workers, social carers, mentors, faith leaders, housing workers, youth workers and counsellors.

Who can’t be a sponsor?

A friend, family member or person with no knowledge or professional relationship with the applicant.

If you are in any doubt if you can be a sponsor, please just drop us an email to [email protected].

We want to ensure this support gets to those who really need it. So your help is of crucial importance.

Thank you so much in advance, keep safe and well and please accept our heartfelt gratitude for all you are doing to support these young people in your work on the frontline.

Best wishes, from all at The Matt Kendall Foundation