• First VCFSE Mini Race Impact Summit Steering Group Meeting: 3 March 1pm – 3pm

  • Birmingham Race Impact Summit: 25 May – 4 June

  • VCFSE Mini Race Impact Summit: 26 May (TBC)

  • We’re looking for Volunteers for VCFSE Mini Race Impact Summit Steering Group

  • Get involved as a VCFSE representative in other themed Mini Race Impact Summits across the City

The Call for Change

Following the death of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter protest in Centenary Square on 4 June 2020, and the murders that happened in Birmingham City Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities this year, organisations across Birmingham City are renewing the call for rapid change in the delivery of racial equality.

Join us in tackling racial inequality in Birmingham City

Birmingham Race Impact Group (BRIG), BVSC and partner organisations from across the Voluntary, Community, Faith, Social Enterprise (VCFSE), public and private sectors are working collectively to tackle racial inequality across the City, and invite you to get involved.

Birmingham Race Impact Summit: 25 May – 4 June 2022

From 25 May – 4 June 2022 we will be holding a Birmingham Race Impact Summit, along with a series of related themed mini race impact summits, which will look to create a 10-Year partnership Plan to address the structural roots of race inequality and bring lasting change to the City. The aim is for the Plan to be reviewed every 2 years to ensure that actions are being effectively delivered.


VCFSE Mini Race Impact Summit Steering Group First Meeting: 3 March 1pm – 3pm; VCFSE MRIS: 26 May 2022 (TBC)

BVSC will be coordinating a VCFSE Mini Race Impact Summit to address VCFSE race-related issues across the whole sector and develop VCFSE actions towards the wider City Plan. We’ve got a provisional date of 26 May (TBC).

We’re looking for volunteers for a VCFSE Race Impact Steering Group from across the sector (i.e. not only from those organisations traditionally involved in tackling racial equality issues) to help organise the VCFSE mini summit and co-ordinate the development and ongoing delivery of VCFSE actions. The first Steering Group Meeting will be on 3 March, 1pm-3pm.


If you're interested in getting involved in the Steering Group, please book a place.



Future Meetings

Future Meeting dates will be discussed and agreed at the meeting. It is envisaged that meetings will be at least monthly for 2 hours each time, however, these may increase in frequency leading up to the planning of the VCFSE MRIS event on 26 May, dependant on the actions required.


VCFSE MRIS Steering Group Draft Aims:

The aims of the VCFSE MRIS Steering Group are to be agreed by the Group at the first meeting. Draft aims are:

  • Address Voluntary, Community, Faith & Social Enterprise sector race-related issues
  • Plan a VCFSE MRIS event provisionally planned to take place on Thursday 26 May (TBC)
  • Develop a position paper on VCFSE race equality that can be brought to the VCFSE MRIS event for discussion and to contribute to City wide position
  • Through the Steering Group and VCFSE MRIS event, develop VCFSE actions contributing to a wider City 10-Year Partnership Plan
  • Oversee the ongoing delivery of VCFSE actions, including review of the City wide plan every 2 years
  • Link in with other themed MRIS organised by partner organisation as appropriate
  • Anything else you think appropriate!

Themed Mini Race Impact Summits

As well as the VCFSE mini race impact summit, a series of mini race impact summits are being organised by partner organisations on a variety of themes on different dates throughout the week, and we are looking for VCFSE representatives to get involved in these according to their relevant theme.  Themes in the planning so far are as follows (though please watch this space for any additions!):

  • Creative Industries
  • Criminal Justice
  • Corporate
  • Disabilities
  • Education (Schools)
  • Employment
  • Environment
  • Faith
  • Further Education
  • Funders
  • Health
  • Higher Education (Universities)
  • Housing
  • Governance – The Race Code
  • LGBTQ+
  • Media
  • Migrants
  • Sport
  • Women
  • Trade Unions
  • Young People


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