Is BVSC Kickstart a gateway organisation? This is a burning question that many people have been asking about BVSC Kickstart and this week we aim to give you the full picture of how BVSC Kickstart operates.

BVSC Kickstart is not a gateway organisation. We are registered as an employer for Kickstart and will apply for Kickstart funding on your behalf in much the same way as a gateway. However, unlike a gateway, BVSC Kickstart will be responsible for the employment of the Kickstart participants who in turn will be placed with you as the Host organisation.

From our previous experience with managing employability programmes, this model works well for organisations within our sector as we can support you with your HR needs.

You will benefit from having a young person join your workforce and the skills that they bring without having recruitment or staffing costs affect your budget.

If you are interested in working with BVSC to recruit your Kickstarter, then please send an email to [email protected]