BVSC is offering free financial resilience support for charities and social enterprises, in Birmingham, with an annual turnover of less than 100k. We are aware that the Covid-19 crisis has created a significant financial challenge for the voluntary and community sector in the city and that in many cases individual support is the best way to address this.

This support is intended for organisations who identify themselves as being adversely financially effected by the Covid-19 crisis, in a way that may result in closure or very significant financial losses . The support will be provided by a finance specialist with an in-depth understanding of finances within charities and social enterprises.

The support will specifically focus on your organisations finances, but the support offer will be formed around your need as an organisation. We will enable you to make decisions that best support sustaining your organisation through this period. We will connect you to as much support as possible, but this is not fundraising support.

This support is currently on offer to organisations who have a turnover of less than 100k. This does not include the value of any assets or buildings you may have, and relates specifically to how much income you receive in a year.

We are currently offering free support for this particular group of organisations, as we understand you are currently most likely to be ‘at-risk’ if you are a small organisation and,

•    Reliant on income generated by hiring out physical space.
•    A social enterprises reliant on trading income that has ceased due to Covid-19.
•    Reliant on small donations and direct fundraising by the public.

We know many larger organisations  within the city are also struggling. We have set this initial threshold in order for us to be able to prioritise the parts of the sector that are most vulnerable. However, if you are a larger organisation concerned about your immanent financial sustainability please do contact us to discuss your options.

The support can be accessed by emailing [email protected] with the name of your organisation, a named individual to contact, a telephone number and a brief description of why you have lost income and how you think this might affect your organisation.

Please don’t feel this needs to be presented in a technical way, if you are concerned the best thing to do is to make contact and let us help you think things through.