BVSC are working on behalf of Birmingham City Council (BCC) to ensure that a comprehensive Domestic Abuse assessment of need, mapping, review of strategy and implementation plan is carried out over the summer of 2021.

On 29thApril the Domestic Abuse Bill was signed into law. The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 will provide further protections to the millions of people who experience domestic abuse and strengthen measures to prevent and tackle perpetrators.

BVSC have been commissioned to undertake a comprehensive assessment of need in relation to domestic abuse in Birmingham.  This assessment enables those affected by domestic abuse and services who work with people affected by domestic abuse, to have a voice. We have therefore designed two questionnaires to seek information from both those affected personally by domestic abuse and those who work with survivors of domestic abuse in Birmingham. 

Note: Providers and support services can include voluntary, community, and faith sectors, as well as communities of interest.  Providers do not need to be domestic abuse specialists - they can be providing support directly or indirectly to survivors of domestic abuse.

To complete the surveys please use the links below. We want to ensure that all voices are heard to help us identify gaps in services, which will support our recommendations and help us review the domestic abuse strategy. Please share the links with your relevant colleagues and networks.

Each takes just 20 minutes to complete.

Survey for anyone in Birmingham affected by domestic abuse:

Survey for anyone who provides a service in relation to domestic abuse in Birmingham:

The closing date for the surveys is Monday 27th September 2021

If you would like a 121 appointment with a member of the team please contact [email protected]