The BVSC Grants Team, acting as a Grant Manager on behalf of Birmingham City Council (BCC) are seeking applications from across the Voluntary, Community, Faith, Social Enterprise (VCFSE) Sector to the Compassionate Communities Organisational Grants Fund.

Compassionate Communities is a globally recognised approach to improving the end-of-life experience for people by mobilising local networks, groups and services to be more conscious, aware and equipped to offer support.

Activities under this funding must:

  • Be co-designed with local communities
  • Utilise Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) methods
  • Be integrated with the local Neighbourhood Network Scheme (NNS) and work they are undertaking around Compassionate Communities (this work being integral to the City’s bid for Compassionate Communities Charter Status)
  • Be aligned with Compassionate Communities objectives, recognising that the natural cycles of sickness and health, birth and death, and love and loss are common to all of us, and that care for one another at times of crisis and loss is not solely a task for health and social services but is everyone’s responsibility.

BVSC Grants are looking to award 4 grants to the value of £35,000 (inclusive of VAT); with activity taking place across specific localities within Birmingham, between November 2022 and July 2023.

Applicants can request the documents to be submitted for assessment as well as a specification to assist applications by e-mailing [email protected]

Timescale and Deadlines

Documents for this opportunity can be requested until 4pm on Monday 3rd October.

The deadline for applications to be submitted is 10am on Friday 7th October 2022.

All relevant information regarding this opportunity can be found within the specification that has been developed for this funding. A copy of which will be provided alongside the application documents upon request by e-mailing [email protected] before 4pm on Monday 3rd October 2022.

All communications regarding this opportunity should be sent to [email protected]