You may have recently seen that Britain First, a far-right group, posted a series of videos on social media of their members entering hotels where they believe asylum seekers are being housed whilst they wait for the Home Office to process their applications. One of these hotels was just outside Birmingham. They harassed the people living there and falsely blamed them for the housing emergency facing the country.

In England, we do face a national housing emergency, but one caused by a failure from successive governments to build the social homes we need and not by asylum seekers or refugees.

It is for this reason that Baobab Women’s Project and Shelter Birmingham have come together to develop a statement of solidarity which puts the record straight about the causes of the housing emergency.

We are inviting; charities, faith leaders, civic leaders, politicians, trade unions, social justice organisations, educational institutions, artists, activists and individuals, to join us by signing a statement of solidarity. By doing so, you will be adding your name to the growing list of supporters who want to make a positive change and unite people to end the housing emergency.

Chief Executive Brian Carr added BVSC's support to the campaign through the following statement of solidarity:

"The attempts to scapegoat and intimidate refugees and asylum seekers for the country’s housing emergency is abhorrent and driven by nothing other than bigotry and ignorance. BVSC stands in solidarity with Baobab Women’s Project and Shelter in condemning this behaviour and calling on all enlightened leaders and organisations to do the same. Our energy must be put into growing the availability of social housing, supporting vulnerable people, and working together to unite, rather than divide, our communities.”

You can read the statement and add the name of your organisation here

Please sign before 25th September 2020.

We hope that you'll be able to add your name to the growing list of local and national organisations supporting this statement of solidarity. Please let us know of any other organisation or individual who you think might be interested in signing this statement or feel free to forward it to others.

Thank you, on behalf of

Baobab Women’s Project & Shelter Birmingham