What is the Race Code?

The RACE Equality Code is an accountability framework to complement the work that we are currently doing with regards to EDI strategies and standards. It focuses primarily on the governance within an organisation to establish the correct measures are in place, which will ultimately ensure race equality in the workplace. The Code aims to support work being done on race, and EDI more broadly.

Back in 2021, RACE Code consultants worked with BSVC to benchmark where we were with regards to race equality and provided us with a comprehensive report that ensures that we continue work on tackling race inequality within our organisation.  

Completing the RACE Equality Code Assessment has given us the opportunity to join a network of other organisations, and attend Focus Group Sessions and Conferences, where best practice, progress, and any challenges can be shared.

What happens next?

Obtaining the Quality Mark is just the start of the journey. Over the next three years and beyond, we will continue to make positive changes as we implement the findings from our assessment. Accountability will start from our Board of Trustees, through to our Senior Management team and across all our staff members. We will continue our education and awareness through our Full staff meetings, our staff intranet and more formal training.

As part of our commitment to implementing recommendations from the RACE Code action plan, we are proud to formally publish our Anti-Racist Statement

BVSC CEO, Brian Carr commented:

“I'm delighted that we have reached this milestone in our journey to becoming a truly anti-racist organisation. There is always more to do and we will be working with the board of trustees over the summer to agree next steps - but this is a great step forward. My thanks go to all the members of the EDI group for their guidance and support in getting to this point. A particular thank you to Salma Khan our Organisational Support and Systems Lead, who worked hard to keep all the various moving parts in order as we went through the process!”