The counter-extremism strategy encourages partnership between the government and people involved in projects that counter extremism and build stronger communities.

The Building a Stronger Britain Together (BSBT) programme supports civil society and community organisations who work to increase the resilience of individuals and communities to extremism, stand up to extremism in all its forms and offer vulnerable individuals a positive alternative, regardless of race, faith, sexuality, age and gender. The programme allows organisations that share these aims to bid for in-kind support for specific programmes that deliver goals set out in the Counter Extremism Strategy.
We have supported 244 groups across England and Wales who are working to challenge extremism within their community. Details of the groups we are currently supporting are detailed in the list of BSBT supported groups (ODT, 22.7KB).

To help groups expand their reach and influence, the Building a Stronger Britain Together programme, through a competitive bidding process, offers in-kind communications support: such as social media training, technical assistance to help a group improve their website, or capacity building work to help a group protect more vulnerable individuals.

Please read the in-kind support guidance for applicants (PDF, 576KB, 16 pages), the in-kind support guidance for applicants (accessible version) (PDF, 175KB, 17 pages) or the in-kind support guidance for applicants in Welsh (PDF, 587KB, 16 pages) . The guidance contains information on:

  • the BSBT programme objectives
  • who can bid for support
  • what in-kind support covers
  • how to complete your application form

In-kind support – application

Please refer to the follow link to access both the IKS guidance document and the application form

You can apply for in-kind support here. You will be asked to register your email address, where you will receive a link to commence your application.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss your application, please get in touch with [email protected].