Whilst responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) sector has come together with a spirit of collaboration to support citizens and communities through a period of unprecedented challenge. As we look to the future and begin the process of social and economic recovery and rebuilding our community fabric, BVSC is working in partnership with Birmingham City Council to deliver a new integrated programme of strategic engagement and development support for the VCFSE sector. This programme of support will focus on the following:

  • Engage for Good: a VCFSE leadership forum to support collaboration, partnership working and improve opportunities for developing joined-up approaches.
  • Strengthening civil society: a new VCFSE sector support and development offer. This will focus on rebuilding civic pride; community capability, resilience and cohesion; and sector skills, fundraising and strategic investment.
  • Identify and acquire new resources for the VCFSE sector.
  • Engage with and develop new partnerships in social action across all sectors.

Engage for Good: VCFSE leadership forum

As part of our approach, BVSC is launching a new forum called Engage for Good to create opportunities for public authorities and VCFSE leaders to convene around key social, community and service issues. It will be a vehicle for VCFSE communication, coordination, problem-solving and community insight, capable of working collaboratively for community good. The forum will also act as a pool for populating City Boards and other strategic boards/bodies through its membership.

Through the forum, we will create facilitated spaces and networks in response to sector identified priorities, where VCFSE organisations and public authorities can:

  • Discuss and develop responses to social need,
  • Share best practice
  • Develop solutions to key challenges that will improve outcomes for citizens and communities across the city.
  • Identify areas for support and development
  • Identify opportunities for strategic investment

Further information about the Engage for Good forum and how it works can be found here

The forum will largely operate virtually, providing facilitated spaces where VCFSE leaders can discuss, debate and formulate their own responses to social need and set priorities accordingly.

If you would like to become a member of the Engage for Good forum, please complete the following short membership form.

Become a Member

We want leaders from a range of VCFSE sector organisations to be involved, reflecting the diverse and vibrant sector across the city and that this diversity is represented throughout the forum. If you would like more information or have a conversation about emerging issues and priorities please email [email protected]