Local charity YMCA Sutton Coldfield will be featured on BBC 1’s The One Show on Monday 11th March, 7pm. 

YMCA Sutton Coldfield are a small, independent, local charity working with vulnerable children and young people and those living with disabilities. The charity provides support, respite and safe spaces to around 800 people each year across a range of services:
• Housing
• Youth
• Young Carers
• Young Adult Carers (18 -25)
• Disability

Bid Writer, Fundraising and Development Manager, Rachel Dutta Choudhury who was interviewed for the programme said; “it was a great experience! The director, Dave, was really easy to talk to. We were so pleased to get the opportunity to talk about our work and share it with a wide audience. Small charities like ours are reliant on public support”.

If you would like to work with the charity, please email; [email protected]