Carers’ Voice, also known as 'Unsung Heroes' after a major element of its work, was a project commissioned by BVSC (Birmingham Voluntary Service Council) on behalf of the Ageing Better in Birmingham programme. 

Carers’ Voice was delivered by Forward Carers, who also run the Birmingham Carers Hub. The project formally began in July 2018 and ran through until the start of July 2020, although some legacy work has continued beyond that date, principally in the form of the Birmingham Carer Friendly Business Awards and related publicity.

The primary output for this project was the development of a media campaign to support three headline outcomes the project was seeking to achieve in Birmingham:

  1. To raise awareness of the issues that carers face and ensure that services, activities, employers, organisations and institutions are ‘carer-friendly’.
  2. To raise awareness of the services and support available to carers and enable them to access these effectively

Executive Summary

Evaluation of Carers' Voice Local Action Plan