Read Easy UK Pioneer


More than 7% of adults in England struggle with reading and, as a result, are unable to do many things that most of us take for granted. Read Easy provides free, confidential, one-to-one coaching from trained volunteers for anyone who struggles with reading. 

Learning to read transforms peoples lives. They improve their employment opportunities; can progress to other learning if they wish; are better able to support their children or grandchildren's reading and can, can gain in confidence, self-esteem and independence. 

We are looking for volunteers who are energetic and enthusiastic and are keen to make a difference in their community. We need people who are familiar with the area and who are self-motivated and organised. You will need to have good communication skills, enjoy networking and meeting people and be available for a few hours each week to help establish the new volunteer group. 

You will be following a process that has worked to help us establish 31 groups so far and we have another 12 Pioneers at the moment. You will have plenty of support from a Regional Adviser. It's a role that can be extremely rewarding. Some Pioneers like to go it alone; others prefer to work as a pair. 

If you are interested in finding out more about this exciting opportunity, please contact Kris Ventris-Field at the contact details below.