Community Development Practice Hub

Community Development Practice Hub

The Community Development Practice Hub is a resource for people and organisations who ‘work with’ people in Birmingham so they can take collective action to make changes to things that are important to them and their communities. 

We aim to connect, inspire and upskill community development practitioners across Birmingham.

Come join us on this exciting journey, as we collaborate with the sector to offer a tailored approach with a focus on Birmingham-specific learning, challenges, and achievements.  

The Community Leadership Training Programme was developed in Birmingham as a collaboration between BVSC and Birmingham City Council and designed to develop confident, capable and effective leaders of change and development at the local community level and those representing communities of interest. Initially delivered through face-to-face and online methods of delivery, it's now available as an e-learning programme.

You will be able to work through the modules in your own time, space and pace. Whilst we would recommend the completion of all the modules, you can select the modules of your choice. This e-learning delivery of the training can also be accessed by individuals who attended the in-person training sessions at BVSC but want to reinforce their previous learning.

The platform can be accessed online at

What is Community Leadership Training?

E-learning Welcome Screen module oneMany individuals do great work to address issues, increase awareness and bring about changes for the better of communities and society at large. In doing so they are often building great skills and experience. However, there are those who are less experienced and would benefit from some training that would help them in leading change and championing a cause. On the other hand, you may simply want to refresh your skills and share your experiences with other like-minded individuals doing similar work.

Who is the training aimed at?

The Training Programme is aimed at:

  • Existing and potential community leaders
  • The diverse demographic communities of the city
  • Existing Bolder Healthier Champions
  • Existing champions of causes willing to become a community connector, helping to reduce health inequalities that exist throughout Birmingham
  • People wanting to support greater community involvement in their area or galvanize a community of interest.

What are the benefits of attending the training?

Community Champions leading changeThe training programme will:

  • Increase your capability to interact and communicate information and guidance
  • Help you to build stronger relationships and effective engagement
  • Encourage more mutual aid
  • Deepen understanding of community organising
  • Equip people to lead change in their community.

What knowledge will I gain through the e-learning programme?

The e-learning programme will be delivered as a set of eight distinct modules:

  1. Champions and Leadership – five steps to success
  2. Community Organisation – what is it and how to do it effectively
  3. Working Together – Building effective teams, relationships, partnerships and networks
  4. The power of Story Telling – the importance of case studies and how to develop them
  5. Power dynamics – how to understand and use it
  6. Developing Campaigns – how to make plans and put them into practice
  7. Negotiation Skills – how to negotiate, compromise and achieve goals
  8. Communicating effectively – using different channels for different people

You can can work through the e-learning modules in your own time, space and pace. Whilst we would recommend the completion of all the modules, you can select the modules of your choice. This e-learning package can also be accessed by individuals who attended the in-person training sessions at BVSC but want to reinforce their previous learning.

What does it cost to access the e-learning programme?

The e-training programme is FREE to attend. When you sign up you'll be asked a few simple registration questions. The data you provide will be used for statistical monitoring purposes only and not used to identify anyone individually. It will be kept securely and in confidence.

What have participants said about the Programme?

Feedback shows that the average score given is 9/10 for content and subject matters. Comments include: 

“very suitable and understandable (training resources)”.

“It was good to have them (training materials) to review them later”.

“I liked the variety of methods of delivery( content and subject matter”.

“...although all people are at different stages, Jo and Ray made me feel better through sharing key information”.

“Lots of really good information, lots of food for thought to go back with and digest. I now want to be a community champion more so to help others further”.

“The course was very good for beginners, however if the person, like me has experience, it was good to remind old good values”.

“It was delivered in a concentrated way. We had time to discuss our own experiences with other members of the group”.

“Generally that is exactly the course I was looking for. Fortunately I learned a lot and definitely use the topic I covered in this 2 days training”.

How do I access the training?

Click the button below to access the e-learning platform and work through the modules in your own time.  

Community Leadership e-learning platform