UK Parliament’s local outreach officers have now taken their community and youth group workshops online. Their sessions are designed to show groups in the West Midlands how the House of Commons and House of Lords work, as well as offering first-hand expertise on how to influence decisions made in UK Parliament, get their voices heard and campaign for change.

The workshops are hosted by expert outreach officer from Parliament’s Education and Engagement team and can be tailored to suit the individual needs of each group.

There are a range of online workshops available throughout the rest of the year, suitable for a groups with different accessibility levels and experience in engaging with UK Parliament.

On the launch of the online workshops, Parliament outreach officer Clare Mullin said:

“I’m very excited about the launch of these free innovative online sessions. I work with community groups across the West Midlands, and have found it inspiring to meet and engage with such a diverse and passionate range of people.

“It is vital for communities to know how to bring important issues to the attention of policy makers and how to create positive change locally. I am here to support you and your communities to discover more about UK Parliament and engage confidently on the issues that are important to you.”

People, power, and UK Parliament: An introduction

This 40 minute online workshop is packed with quizzes and activities. Groups will get a full overview of how UK Parliament works for them, covering:

  • How they can get their voices heard by MPs
  • What the House of Lords does
  • How MPs and Lords raise issues on their behalf

Are you influential? Get your voice heard in UK Parliament

This hour workshop is has been created especially for those who have had some basic engagement with Parliament before. Attendees will develop a deeper understanding of how to raise the issues which mean the most to them, including:

  • How they can take action
  • What tools help influence debates, decisions and legislation
  • How they can build relationships with MPs and Lords

EMPOWER! For adults with learning disabilities

This highly accessible session typically lasts 45 minutes and is full of activities and quizzes to promote engagement and encourage adults with learning difficulties to develop active citizenship skills for life.

The session is designed for a small group, including carers and group leaders can also learn to deliver our specialist training to their organisations and communities.

Check availability and book a session

These online events will replace the face to face sessions held by the outreach officers in their local areas during the coronavirus outbreak.