This year's Youth Homeless Parliament stresses importance of early intervention when dealing with those experiencing homelessness.

On the 29th March 2022, 30 young people from across the UK who have all experienced homelessness came together to influence positive change as they took part in national Youth Homeless Parliament.

An idea inspired by the late Jack Dromey MP, a man who was fiercely passionate about ensuring children and young people could experience the democratic process first hand in the heart of Parliament, Youth Homeless Parliament (YHP) aims to ensure that the voices and lived experiences of young people who have experienced homelessness are heard, and that Government has the information it needs when making policy that impacts young people across the country.

Almost ten years later, YHP continues to support decision makers with a list of recommendations that come directly from those with lived experience. This year’s report focused on a variety of topics, including the impact of COVID 19 on young people, the importance of early interventions and why teaching people about equality and inclusion is so vital for society as a whole.

Jean Templeton, chief executive of St Basils and Chair of the YHP, said, “ For the last 10 years, young people with lived experience of homelessness, from around the country, have consulted and supported each other to turn their lived experience into advice and recommendations which help government and those with power to improve responses and ultimately prevent other young people from experiencing homelessness. This contribution is unique and invaluable, and I am hugely grateful to young people for their commitment and to government for providing the mechanism that is Youth Homeless Parliament”

Minister for Rough Sleeping Eddie Hughes said, “Members of the Youth Homeless Parliament continue to be the torchbearers for their generation. They have helped build our understanding of the challenges being faced by young people experiencing homelessness and raised awareness that so many stereotypes about homelessness are now out of date.”

A full copy of this year’s report can be found by visiting this page.