Cycling, and bikes are a big part of what we do at The Active Wellbeing Society (TAWS), so we’re delighted to be taking that work further with the Big Bike Upcycle Revolution.  This project will launch at Sustainability Sunday on the 18th of June, an event we’re running at the Warehouse Café in Digbeth.  We want to save bikes from landfill, or take in those that aren’t being used, to give them a second life with someone who can make good use of them.  The project is funded by Sport England through our local delivery pilot work.

There are lots of reasons for recycling bikes, firstly, environmental. More cycling could mean less carbon emissions, noise pollution, and potentially even roads. Taking in unused bikes and recycling them means they’re saved from landfill, and we can work towards a sustainable eco-system. It’s hoped more being available and, in the system, will help encourage active travel and improve the physical and mental wellbeing of the people that use them. All our activities are free, including this one, the recycled bikes will be redistributed, removing any cost barriers.

Getting more people cycling could help across policy areas too. It’ll be important in the move to make Birmingham a greener city and reach its goal of net zero by 2030.  It could help more people think about recycling, and travelling in a different way, with the bonus of less time being wasted in traffic jams. Providing transport that is free, and active, can also help with levelling up more deprived areas across the city, removing barriers and improving connectivity. 

We’re taking in any adult’s or children’s bikes, in a reasonable condition, and they can be dropped off at several locations. Anyone with a bike to donate can bring it to the TAWS head office in Tyseley (Hay Hall Manor), the Ladywood Share Shack, either of the weekly Cycle Fix-It sessions, and any Sustainability Sunday events for the remainder of the year. We’d also welcome any volunteers who may be able to help us with the project. Anyone interested in a bike can fill in the forms here to be put on a waiting list, and allocated one as and when they become available, then invited to collect. Anyone interested in volunteering is invited to email.

Further information:

The Big Bike Upcycle Revolution will run alongside our other projects in Birmingham and Essex, which give people access to free bikes, learn to ride lessons, and led rides to increase confidence and get active.

Bikeability is a free training scheme, run at various locations across the city.  Our led rides give participants the chance to explore, socialise, develop their skills and discover more of their local area.  If you don’t have a bike, that doesn’t matter, bikes and helmets are available for everyone who wants to take part. Finally, if you have your own but it’s in need of basic repairs bring it along to one of our Cycle Fix sessions where you can get it fixed for free and learn some basic skills from our mechanics at the same time.