You may not be able to take part in next year’s Commonwealth Games but you may still be able to share in the numerous related opportunities leading up to the games.

Thus the ‘Threads Together’ project may be just for you if you enjoy stitching, embroidery, sewing or indeed would like to learn this art form.

The charity aims to create a series of printed and stitched one-meter square panels, with one for each of the nations entitled to participate in the 2022 Games. Each panel will depict the nation’s flag and flower along with special features highlighted and inspired by the citizens of Birmingham.

So, if the idea of stitching does not appeal to you and seeing your efforts and contribution displayed in this way maybe you would like to help the panel designers come up with the design for the panel by completing the questionnaire referred to below as best as you can.

"We are very keen to involve as many commonwealth citizens as possible in this project" said Keith Stokes-Smith, Chairman of the Birmingham Commonwealth Association who are partnering the project.

Please contact us either by completing the questionnaire on the Threads Together website or by telephoning Gill on 0121 441 3945.