We are so grateful to all the individuals who support St Basils and our work preventing youth homelessness. From time to time there are individuals who go above and beyond in their support for us and we like to celebrate them as our ‘supporter of the quarter’. The supporter we’ve chosen this quarter needs no introduction. (But we will try anyway). 

He is a successful businessman and professor in Entrepreneurship based at Birmingham City University Business School and is recognised across the city as someone who has achieved an incredible amount in business. He loves to support local causes as well and has made such a difference to many charities, not just ours. He is of course Professor Paul Cadman. Below are just some of the things Paul has done for our cause, since joining our Board last November. Since coming to St Basils Paul has used his contacts to help the fundraising team gain invaluable connections from the local business sector, resulting in over ten thousand pounds worth of support. Paul is also supporting our Senior Business and Communities Executive with vital business contacts whom we are exploring social value offers with as part of their contract procurement processes (including HS2, City of Culture, Commonwealth Games), as well as ethical businesses who are socially responsible that we are looking to perhaps partner with. 

Paul has also helped our employability team by putting them in touch with a number of contacts who will be able to support their aims assisting young people back into education, work and training, including Pet Xi training. Through his contacts Paul has also saved St Basils some money on essential bills such as insurances.  

Paul co-founded art4charity who helped bring about the ‘Forward in Unity’ mural in Digbeth depicting all the different sectors of the community in Birmingham that had to come together to fight Coronavirus, and celebrating that unity. He has donated to us 3 prints of this mural, 2 small ones and a large one worth over £20,000 and is in the process of helping facilitate the selling of the large one at an art auction in the coming weeks. 

Paul is also leading on the organisation side of our ambitious plans for St Basils 50th anniversary celebration in October 2022, and has also committed to organising some fundraisers in our 50th year, setting himself the target of raising an amazing £500,000!!  

All in all Paul has already raised over £50,000 for St Basils in just a few short months with much more in the offing, and has put us in a much stronger position, making stronger connections with local businesses and with the community.    

Prof Paul Cadman said: 

“I joined St Basils board because I felt confident my skills and network could help improve the lives of the young people in our region. Being a working class Brummie myself, supporting the West Midlands is a great passion of mine and that’s why I dedicate 50 percent of my time to supporting good causes.” 

Barrie Hodge, Head of the Fundraising team said:  

“Professor Paul’s support over the last few months since becoming a St Basils board member has been transforming. Whether it be his support for our fundraising activities, introducing us to people who may wish to support us or his general advice and counsel on all aspects of our work, we are so appreciative.” 

“On behalf of all the young people whose lives you are changing for the better Paul, thank you.”