At Good Things Foundation, the national digital inclusion charity, we have recently launched our new version of our digital skills learning platform, Learn My Way.  It allows users to tailor their own learning programme and is accessible across multiple platforms.

Learn My Way helps people with no or low digital skills to gain confidence and learn how to use the internet and digital technologies.  Over 70,000 people use Learn My Way every year to help them to make the most of the online world.

The free platform is packed with over 100 bite-sized topics covering subjects such as using a touch screen through to using tech for social and financial inclusion.  Individuals can pick and choose topics based on their own needs and goals.

Learn My Way is used by hundreds of Digital Inclusion Hubs across the UK to provide digital skills support to people in their communities.  People needing help to get online can visit hubs that are members of Good Things Foundation’s National Digital Inclusion network.  Alternatively, they can sign up and use Learn My Way independently.

The National Digital Inclusion Network is free to join and gives members access to additional services and support including the National Databank - it’s like a foodbank but for internet connectivity data.

We would love more organisations in Birmingham to use Learn My Way.  If you aren’t yet a member you can join the National Digital Inclusion Network.  Sign up: Join the Network

Use our map of members to see which organisations near you are already members.