To tackle the climate emergency, we must change the way we live, travel and how we consume to meet our net zero targets.

BVSC attended an excellent day run by the Centre for Sustainable Energy, celebrating Birmingham based projects who are working on exciting new environmental initiatives in the city to help it achieve its net zero targets.

The groups are working on a wide range of projects with activities including:

Planning new bike routes, identifying buildings for large rooftop solar panel installations, finding more environmentally friendly ways to travel to football matches, and developing a tree planting map.

Bridget Newbery from CSE spoke about the projects “In our cities we must change the way we live and travel and what we buy to meet our net zero targets. The new projects we’ve funded all aim to do something really innovative with data and will support Birmingham’s efforts to reach net zero in the next decade.”

The projects have received funding from a project run by CSE called 3D which stands for ‘data to decarbonise in a decade’ and they are all making use of data in some way to target or support their work.

If you’re interested in using data in your own activities, or in finding out more about the 3D project have a look at the website: