Posted by: Mukith Miah, Volunteering & Community Involvement Manager – Birmingham Portfolio, National Trust

On Thursday 20th May daytime TV legends, Ricard Madeley and Judy Finnigan and a list of other celebrities supported the Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Hero Awards 2021.

450 nominations were received and then shortlisted down into smaller categories.

It gives me nothing but pleasure to inform everyone that the Birmingham Back to Backs Reminiscence Team who were shortlisted in the National Dementia Hero Award for Dementia Friendly Business (Small/Medium) category went on to WIN on the night.

What is the reminiscence project?

The reminiscence team of volunteers all full of, the power of life. The team have embraced digital technology like fish to water despite very little tech experience.

The reminiscence team have demonstrated resilience, and pushed beyond their own personal boundaries to digitally bring to life the living memory stories of the residents who lived at the Birmingham back to backs a set of Victorian, working-class houses. At a time when isolation is so rife and even the strongest of us may be feeling the struggle. This group of volunteers are combating isolation and improving access in the most meaningful way.

Watch the team winning the award

Watch the full video of awards ceremony