The programme seeks to embed the value of green spaces across all areas of the council – and ensure Birmingham’s substantial green infrastructure is well-utilised, sustainable, and valued in the face of austerity.

To aid in this, the team is developing an opportunity for Birmingham empoloyees and citizens  to take part in the fully-funded ‘Green Champions’ Programme which aims to equip participants with the skills necessary to become advocates for green spaces in Birmingham.

The programme aims to:

  • Increase the confidence and resilience of participants in the face of change, empowering them to act as ‘change agents’ within their teams and organisations.
  • Encourage participants to network and explore new roles and partnerships.
  • Develop a cross-boundary culture of knowledge-sharing and partnership working.
  • Increase wider engagement with our FPA programme.

The Green Champions programme is open to absolutely everyone – it is so important to hear from and engage with people from all backgrounds, no matter their job title or association. The team is also keen to involve as many people as possible, not just those already involved in ‘green’ workstreams.

They will be hosting a series of monthly, virtual workshops – beginning in February, and extending into the summer. After an initial ‘launch event’, participants will be split into mixed groups of around 8-10 people, to explore concepts of individual leadership and change-management principles in relation to championing green spaces. The time commitment will be approximately 2-3.5 hours once every 4 weeks for the duration of the programme.

If this sounds like something YOU would like to get involved with, or would like to hear more about, please email Daniel Lloyd: [email protected] or you can register to attend by visiting