A year since it was established, the Erdington Covid19 Task Force has supported tens of thousands of North Birmingham residents through the pandemic.

Friday (March 26th) marked 12 months to the day since the Task Force first met as a united community-based response against Coronavirus.

With more than 30 members representing a range of interests including housing, employment, health and social care and finance, the Task Force has been tireless in its work to create networks that reach and support vulnerable groups and individuals.

In its first year the Task Force has:

● Recruited and mobilised 378 volunteers, delivering more than 30,000 hours of volunteering support
● Provided support to 2,361 shielding residents
● Delivered more than 17,000 food parcels
● Co-ordinated delivery of more than 20,000 wellbeing activities
● Supported more than 52,000 people through online and print media

Speaking during the 12-month anniversary meeting, Afzal Hussain, Chief Officer at Witton Lodge Community Association, which facilitates Task Force business, said: “The partnership came together in response to this terrible pandemic that has sadly touched so many lives.

“Like communities up and down the country, many of us have been affected and lost loved ones, so today we will solemnly commemorate and remember those who are no longer with us.
“The bleakest of times, can and often does bring out the best in people. In Erdington we have seen this in abundance; witnessing acts of kindness, compassion, togetherness and unflinching resolve in our local communities, volunteers and organisations. The Taskforce came together with that determination that no-one should be left behind and that together we are stronger.”

Meanwhile, Erdington MP Jack Dromey, also a Task Force partner, applauded the 'magnificent' achievements of the partnership.
“The Erdington Task Force has seen a magnificent community effort of solidarity in the bleakest of times so that none of our citizens are abandoned in their hour of need," he said.
"Thanks to the Task Force, lives have been saved and livelihoods protected, saving hundreds of jobs. The Taskforce has acted so that no one goes hungry so that the lonely are befriended and the vulnerable are supported.

"What has also characterised the Task Force is an imagination of approach from promoting health and wellbeing, to quite simply making people smile. Every one of the hundreds of volunteers from over 50 organisations involved can be rightly proud."

For more information on the Erdington Task Force please click here.