The Fairer Futures Fund was launched in 2022 and will see £22.2 million of funding awarded up until 2027 for projects aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of citizens across Birmingham and Solihull; reducing health inequalities and supporting communities to stay well.

The Fairer Futures Fund is a large-scale scheme specifically intended to support interventions within each of Birmingham’s localities that:

• Involve partnership working between organisations and sectors to provide integrated, effective and efficient care

• Introduce targeted interventions to reduce health and/or care inequalities experienced by one or more defined communities

• Increase co-production with local people to better understand their challenges and priorities and how to tackle these effectively

The Birmingham Fairer Futures Fund includes three other funding streams:

  • Locality Small Grants - £15,000 per year up to a maximum of £45,000 over three years. This grant fund will be managed separately in each locality with the aim of making a difference to health and wellbeing inequalities for local communities living in a particular place or neighbourhood.
  • Citywide Small Grants - £15,000 per year up to a maximum of £45,000 over three years. This grant fund will be managed as a single city-wide fund with the aim of supporting projects that address health and wellbeing inequalities experienced by communities of identity or experience – for example, people living with learning disabilities; no matter where in the city they live.
  • Citywide Partnership Fund – a fund of £5.74m to deliver larger projects to tackle inequalities across the five ICS clinical outcomes areas: Children and Young People, Mental Health, Cardiovascular Disease, Respiratory Illness and Health Ageing. A partnership delivery plan for each theme with be developed through engagement between statutory and VCFSE partners, with the expectation that projects will be delivered through collaboration.

More detailed information on how to apply for the other funding streams will be made available on as delivery arrangements are finalised.

The Locality VCFSE Partnership Lead for West Birmingham is Flourish: Joy Krishnamoorthy, Network Manager [email protected]

West includes Ladywood and Perry Barr parliamentary constituencies.

FFF locality priorities are as follows: Children and young people (5+); Mental Health; Respiratory Health; Healthy Ageing; Cardiovascular Health; Other; and Integrated Neighbourhood Team demand.

Available Funding

For the Locality Partnership Fund:

• You may apply for 1, 2 or 3 years of funding

• You may apply for £50,000 - £300,000.

• Payments will be made in yearly instalments in advance, subject to satisfactory progress reports. Full details and a schedule of payments will be provided to successful applicants.

Now live - Deadline for West Locality Partnership Fund Expression of Interest is 10 June 2024 at 9am

Please see below expression of interest form, FAQ, and factsheet for more information. You can also contact Joy direct via [email protected]

Expression of Interest Form

West Locality Partnership Factsheet

West Locality Partnership Fund FAQ