Is there a particular cause or issue you are keen to champion within you community?

Are you currently championing a cause or issue dear to your heart?

Would you like to develop skills and knowledge that will help you in being a leader/ champion?

There are many individuals doing great work to address issues, increase awareness and bring about changes for the better of communities and society at large. In doing so they are often building great skills and experience. However, there are those who are less experienced and would benefit from some training that would help them in leading change and championing a cause. On the other hand, you may simply want to refresh your skills and share your experiences with other like-minded individuals doing similar work.

If this is you, BVSC will be running a training programme for the VCFSE sector that in the New Year.

BVSC is supporting Birmingham City Council to develop the role of champions and their community connections.

Training will help community leaders to:

  • Increase capability to interact and communicate information and guidance that is accessible to diverse communities 
  • Build stronger relationships and engagement between communities, groups and the local authorities
  • Encourage more mutual aid

The Training Programme will be aimed at:

  • Community leaders across Birmingham
  • Diverse participants in terms of age, ethnicity and cultural background, and socioeconomic demographics
  • Existing Bolder Healthier Champions, as well as other key community members who would benefit from the training.
  • Wards within Birmingham that require greater involvement of community leaders.
  • Existing champions willing to transition to becoming community connectors, helping to reduce health inequalities that exist throughout Birmingham.

How will you benefit from the Programme?

Training that will help community champions and leaders to: 

  • Deepen understanding of community organising
  • Develop core community organising leadership skills such as 1-2-1 relational meetings, storytelling, power analysis, campaign strategy, action-planning and negotiation skills
  • Equip people to lead change in their community

Programme content and delivery

The programme will be delivered as a set of 8 Modules but is not linear, thereby allowing participants to pick and mix modules or to complete all modules. It will also be offered as an intensive two-day programme (4 modules per day), half day programme (2 modules) or an extended programme over several weeks. The training sessions will be initially in person, but access on-line will also be available.

Modules include:

  1.  Champions and Leadership – five steps to success
  2.  Community Organisation – what is it and how to do it effectively
  3.  Working Together - Building effective teams, relationships, partnerships and networks
  4.  The power of Story Telling – the importance of case studies and how to develop them
  5.  Power dynamics – how to understand and use it
  6.  Developing Campaigns - how to make plans and put them into practice
  7.  Negotiation Skills – how to negotiate, compromise and achieve goals
  8.  Communicating effectively – using different channels for different people

Start and Registration

The programme will start at the beginning of February 2023, closing by the end of April.

Dates and modes of training (opens as Word doc)

To register for the programme, click on the link below and choose your preferred training dates (after selecting from the document above. Applications close on 26 January.

You will then be sent further information in January regarding dates and options as to how to attend the course. If you have any queries, please contact the Project Manager, Ray Walker([email protected]) .