Together Fund- Tackling Inequalities In Sport and Physical Activity

Health Exchange has been awarded £195,000 of National Lottery funding from Sport England’s Together Fund which aims to tackle inequalities in activity levels through working with its partners to reach those most in need. This fund is promoted to all key community groups that have the most in-reach into communities/groups who need support into activities and help to make better choices with regards to nutrition, diet and exercise that improve their long-term sustainable health and wellbeing.

We want to support existing activities or new initiatives that help:

  • People with long term health conditions
  • Disabled people
  • Lower socio-economic groups
  • Culturally diverse communities

To make better choices about nutrition, diet and exercise that improve their long-term sustainable health and wellbeing.

You can apply for up to £10,000 to assist you with making your ideas come to life. 

Applications must answer 6 Key Together fund questions:

  1. Will the idea favourably impact the key area?
  2. Did the need for the idea arise from Covid 19?
  3. Will the funding improve access to take part in sport and physical activity for the target audience?
  4. Will the funding help an existing community group recover, grow, or continue to survive as a result of hardship?
  5. Will the project directly fund the provision of physical activity?
  6. Are you a trusted community organisation with evidence of this type of delivery?

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have a recognised constitution in place
  • Must not duplicate funding already received from Sports England

Certain items are not eligible:

  • Activities or cost already covered by other government funding including rates.
  • Capital works
  • Activities promotion religious or political believes
  • Where there is personal benefit

Grants application can be applied for anytime. Just fill in the application form.

For enquires and to discuss your idea before applying, please contact:
Health Exchange: E: [email protected] / T: 0800 158 3535

Grants application can be applied for anytime before December 2022.