To accompany our clients at Sifa Fireside to engage in community activities in their local areas. This role will help support clients as they build their confidence and their local social networks. Accompany the Community Engagement Coordinator on client visits to community activities in their local area.

Support Community Engagement Coordinator with carrying out community engagement initial assessments, asking clients what kind of things they would like to participate in.

Be a listening ear for clients and consult with Community Engagement Coordinator.

To maintain professional boundaries with clients.

Ensure confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Contribute to evaluation of client’s progress.

Working conditions :-

• Volunteers will be expected to travel to areas in Birmingham to meet with clients alongside the Community Engagement Coordinator.
• Volunteers have their own dedicated room with lockers to store items safely. They can also take breaks during their shift with access to tea/coffee.
• Volunteers will be supported by the Community Engagement Coordinator and Volunteer Lead with regular check-ins as well as opportunities for training and role development.
• Travel expenses will be paid up to £5.00 per shift or Daysaver bus tickets are available.
• DBS Checks will be carried out for all volunteers and upon receiving a certificate, they will be issued with an access badge to relevant areas in the building (except staff only areas).
• Volunteers will always be accompanied by the Community Engagement Coordinator and won’t be visiting or accompanying clients alone.
• Any time that home visits are required, the Community Engagement Coordinator will have carried out a risk assessment and will relay any risks ahead of the visit.

Contact Volunteer Lead Maria Chapman for further information [email protected] or call for an informal chat on 0121 766 1700

Please apply using the following link :-