The Sophie Hayes Foundation is a UK-based organisation dedicated to ensuring that all women survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery achieve complete and sustainable freedom. Our sole focus is to empower survivors with the independence to live and work without fear, fostering a better future for each survivor and, consequently, for society as a whole. 

Employability Programme

Over a 12-month period, Sophie Hayes Foundation support survivors on their employability programme to develop essential life skills that will help with confidence building, followed by essential skills development for future employment and education. All of which are important for living independently, finding work, and remaining free.

We are currently accepting referrals. Please submit a Referral Form as soon as possible (places are on a first come first served basis). Referrals close on Friday 19th January.

Eligibility Criteria


Female survivor of modern slavery​
Age 18+ no upper limit ​
Medium verbal & written English comprehension. ​
Must be mentally ready to think about the future and can cope with group workshops and one-to-one coaching. ​


National Referral Mechanism (NRM) process ​
Conclusive Grounds Decision ​
Right to work

For any queries, please contact [email protected]