Visit: and click login.

Enter your Username and Password information in the boxes on the Welcome menu, and then click Login to Dashboard.

Start an application

In the side menu, click on “Start Applications” to begin the process.

User Information

Read the user information and click on the “Continue” button

Applicant Details

Input the correct information in the boxes below and proceed to the next Step by clicking the button at the bottom right of the screen. Some of the information boxes are required to proceed, mandatory fields are marked with a *

Please provide the full name of the applicant including any middle names. 

If the portal notifies you that the post code provided has already been found in the system, please be aware that we cannot pay a grant to more than one person in the same household.

If there is a valid justification for a duplicate postcode (e.g. the applicant lives in shared accommodation), please detail this in the 'Notes' section

Eligibility Check

Check that you are eligible to receive support and that you consent to information being shared for the purposes of processing the application

Bank Details

Input the bank details of the account you wish to receive funds into. This should be an eligible UK bank account. You will need to type in your account number twice to confirm it and will not be able to copy and paste the number into this box

The Name of the Bank may automatically fill in after you input the sort code correctly

Credit Union account roll numbers should be identified in the notes section at the bottom and should include the applicant's unique roll number

Please note that if the bank account name does not match the name of the applicant, this will be flagged by the system. The application will be rejected if the names do not match unless a valid reason is provided in the 'Bank Notes' section

The only reason that will be accepted for paying into a different account holder is if they hold power of attorney on behalf of the applicant. Please detail in the 'Bank Notes' section if evidence has been provided to you

If there are discrepancies between the account holder name and applicant name (e.g. due to maiden names, initials, the name being cut-off), please explain these in the 'Bank Notes' section

Direct Payments

If an applicant does not have access to a suitable UK bank account (Such as a Post Office account or an account or not held in their own name) then they should do the following:

Enter 00-00-00 sort code and 00000000 as account number.
Write the organisation to be reimbursed in the payee's name field
Explain the reason a manual payment is being made in the bank notes section

Applicant’s Needs

Tell us what your needs are and how much funding is required up to a maximum of £200