Finding an application

To find an application that you have previously made, you can find it by using the search bar at the top of the screen.

You can search for applications which you have made using any of the key information inputted into the application form: Application ID; First name; Surname; Postcode; Email address; Phone number; Bank account number; Address.

View History of Application

Here you can view full historical details of what has happened with the application

The details of the application are listed chronologically, so the most recent status update will indicate the status of the applicational details of what has happened with the application.

Understanding entries

Below explains what each entry means in the application history.

“Exported for payment processing”

The application has been approved by BVSC and the payment has either been made, or it is waiting to be made by our finance team. See the date for a rough estimation of when the payment has been made

“Approved - *Reason*”

The application has been approved by a BVSC assessor after being resubmit by a Trusted Partner and the application will be sent to finance in the coming days

“Re-Approved - *Reason*”

The application has been resubmitted by a Trusted Partner after previously being flagged/rejected and the application is waiting assessment from a BVSC assessor

“Rejected - *Reason*”

The application has been rejected by a BVSC assessor for the reason provided. The Trusted Partner can either resubmit with the new information required or agree to the rejection

“Flagged as a payment failed”

Payment has been attempted but it has failed. Bank details need to be checked and updated, or a cash/voucher route must be explored with your locality lead (see more)


Payment has been automatically flagged by the system for one of several reasons (see more)

Application Process

Remember that the most recent entry will overrule the previous (e.g. if there is an entry that the payment has been made, but afterwards a payment failure is recorded then the payment has not been made)

See the process map to gain a better understanding of how an application flows through the system (see more)