A new innovative app has been launched that allows any smart phone the ability to accept donations via Tap To Give - no extra hardware required. 

To help charities increase donations, a West Midlands based Company has developed an innovative app that turns any mobile phone into a contactless donation device. iKnow Charity is pleased to announce the full launch of their Tap To Give Contactless App for charities. This innovative app is the result of 6 months of internal development and is now available for all charities to use.

The clever technology turns an iPhone or Android powered phone into a device for accepting donations. By downloading the brand new iKnow Contactless App, a charity or volunteer can use their own phone to receive contactless donations by donors simply tapping their bank card or own phone against the phone. Money is then securely debited from the donors account and transferred to the charity bank account.

Charities can customise the app and select what campaigns a donor can select so they can choose what their donation is for. The donor can select the amount they want to donate and then just give a simple tap to make their donation.

Since the soft launch of their Contactless App, iKnow has found that the average donation to charities using Contactless giving is £8.89 with donations given so far starting at just £1 and going up to £100.

iKnow is one of the first organisations in the UK to develop a Contactless App. As a smartphone is all it requires, it means that a charity does not need to pay for specialist contactless giving hardware. With many Contactless solutions charging a subscription, the iKnow App can save the charity an additional monthly payment as it is included as part of iKnow Charity.

Chris Gibson of iKnow says “We’ve received fantastic feedback from those that have started using our Contactless Giving App. Many are surprised at just how easy it is to set up and start receiving Contactless donations”.

Andrea Best of New Life Bible Church says “As a small church, we were pleased to be able to download the iKnow Giving app via our mobile phones, which was easy to set up alongside our iKnow software. Having used it at church, everything went smoothly and individuals were very receptive to using it. Thanks for making this facility available to your service users.”