In January 2021 Ruth Duggal of Make Your Own Video Training Academy (MYO VDO) ran a one hour webinar about how to make better video using your smart phone. The Video covers a huge amount and includes links to some free materials.

You can view the recording here (YouTube). In a brisk 57 minutes Ruth covers a fantastic amount:

  • Why video is such an effective method of communication
  • What is a “well-made” video?
  • How and why you should be “authentic”
  • Video and the “trust factor”
  • Building a viewer profile
  • Common barriers to make-your-own video production and how to overcome them
  • Video as part of a communications strategy
  • Storyboards and how to use them
  • Gaining confidence and overcoming camera shyness
  • The 5 Ps of presenting
  • DIY vs call-in-the-professionals
  • Equipment — what you need and (more importantly) what you don’t need…

… and more.

There are also download links to free templates — such as analysing your viewer profile and 50 types of video you can make.